We are

a social venture that convenes, connects, and advises global impact leaders across sectors to develop solutions without borders. Our participants are committed to working together across the global business, security, and development sectors to promote economic opportunity, strengthen stability, and bolster human dignity. We are an accessible group that reaches across and beyond political philosophies and welcomes everyone from Wall Street suits to Silicon Alley upstarts to Brooklynite social entrepreneurs.

We believe

that private-public collaboration is necessary to effectively address today’s global challenges. Creative and holistic solutions that are sustainable need all the players at the table. We leverage our network of vanguard thinkers and doers across the security, business, and development sectors to identify opportunities, align incentives, and design actionable strategies. 

We create

interactive professional learning experiences that enable participants to build cross-sector skills, deepen expertise, and expand connectivity. Our aim is to apply rigorous research to practical approaches that achieve incremental but significant impact. Armed with new concepts and a better understanding of cross-cutting issues, our participants bring ideas back to their organizations to catalyze integrated thinking and advance creative solutions.