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March Policy Salon—Protecting Your Pocketbook or Walling Off Your Wallet?

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Could the new protectionist trend spur local job creation, bolster national security, and protect our pocketbooks? Or are we walling off our wallets and more by limiting cross-border trade and movement? Join us Monday, March 6th for:

Protecting Your Pocketbook or Walling Off Your Wallet?

We'll discuss how proposed U.S. economic and foreign policies affect us where we'll feel it. Suggested readings are below:

  1. Trade, At What Price? (Apr. 2016)
    Trade has a positive impact on the American economy but not all benefit equally.
  2. 5 Ways President Trump Will Affect U.S. Workers (Dec. 2016)
    How policies on tax cuts, healthcare, infrastructure and more will affect U.S. workers.
  3. Immigrants’ Roles in Entrepreneurship (Oct. 2016)
    Do immigrants take slices of a finite economic pie, or do they refill public coffers as baby boomers retire?

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