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April Policy Salon—Food, Water, and Energy Security: Cross-Sector Opportunities and Solutions

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Behind the headlines of squabbling policymakers and contentious CEOs are deeply interconnected yet disaggregated threats. Though the sources and targets of these threats may seem disparate, the impact is global and requires a unified response with cohesive solutions from all the players at the table. Join us Monday, April 3rd for:

Food, Water, and Energy Security: Cross-Sector Opportunities and Solutions  

For the past six months, we’ve successfully tested a thematic quarterly format to allow a deeper, nuanced look into timely, cross-sector challenges. Beginning last fall, our first theme focused on city-led global development. With the new year and administration, we looked at the integral role of formal and informal institutions in global growth. 

This quarter, we’ll examine how challenges that arise from local or unlikely sources have the potential for global impact, and how to craft a unified response. April’s discussion will focus on the interrelated challenge of food, water, and energy insecurity, why this is not a “Third World” problem, and the cohesive response needed from governments, industry, and civil society leaders. 

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