Sustainable Development + Women and Girls = Powerful Global Growth

Summer has sailed on despite what the weatherman (and climate change) tell us. It's back to business! This year, the must-have color for autumn is: Equality.

Below are suggested readings for our September 2016 policy salon to bring you up-to-speed (additional articles are posted on our Facebook page):

(1) How Advancing Women’s Equality Can Add $12 Trillion to Global Growth
A new McKinsey Global Institute report finds that advancing women's equality could add $12 trillion to global GDP by 2025.

(2) Promoting Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment for Sustainable Development in Africa
Promoting gender equality is an essential component of a sustainable development strategy to reduce poverty and improve the standard of living.

(3) Free from the Taliban, How the Women of Afghanistan are Saving the Silk Weaving Tradition
42,500 women are involved in a project to provide a means of subsistence for their families and to lead the international market access for silk producers in the country.