Media in Peril: Taking a Global Stand

The killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has riveted the world’s attention on the Fourth Estate, rallying the public, titans of industry, and media sector veterans alike. ”Fake news,” election hacking via new media channels, censorship regimes, and the power of authoritarian leaders all depend on who wields the power of the press and effective control of the message. These issues have galvanized a resurgence in public support for a free press and for the bolstering of democratic institutions.

At December’s policy salon, we’ll focus on how the circumstances of Mr. Khashoggi's death have spotlighted the increased physical dangers to journalists as well as the free speech debate currently volleying across partisan front lines, among pro- and anti-government forces in authoritarian countries, and in places previously considered "safe" spaces.

Below is recommended reading to guide our discussion:

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